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  • Brand: Roche
  • Strength: 3mg
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What is Lexotanil?

lexotanil marketed under several brand names, including Lectopam, Lexotan, Lexilium, Lexaurin, Brazepam,Rekotnil, Bromaze, and Lexotanil is a benzodiazepine derivative drug, patented by Roche in 1963 and developed clinically in the 1970s. It has mainly anxiolytic properties and at higher doses also sedative, hypnotic and skeletal muscle relaxant properties.

What are the common side effects of lexotanil?

All common side-effects of benzodiazepines have been noted. Consult the article under diazepam. lexotanil 3 times 6 mg daily for 2 weeks taken alone impaired learning capacities significantly in humans in an experiment. In combination with alcohol the impairments of learning capacity became even more pronounced. Impairments to memory functions are common with lexotanil and include a reduced working memory and reduced ability to process environmental information. Impaired memory, visual information processing and sensory data and impaired psychomotor performance.Deterioration of cognition including attention capacity and impaired co-ordinative skills. Unsteadiness after taking lexotanil is however less pronounced than other benzodiazepines such as lorazepam.Impaired reactive and attention performance, which can impair driving skills.

lexotanil is commonly involved in drug overdoses. lexotanil is a drug sometimes used in suicide attempts.A severe lexotanil benzodiazepine overdose may result in a alpha pattern coma type. The toxicity of lexotanil in overdosage increases when combined with other CNS depressant drugs such as alcohol or sedative hypnotic drugs. lexotanil is the most common benzodiazepine involved in intentional overdoses in France.

Some FAQ about Lexotanil for your help

Q. Please describe me the difference between Brand and Generic Lexotanil?
A.Most common fact is the ingredients in both brand and generic Lexotanil is the same. Both brand and generic Lexotanil works exactly same in your body.

Q. Where I can buy Lexotanil online?
A. definitely you can buy Lexotanil online conveniently from rxpharmacyusa.com and get it delivered to your door step

Q. Do I need a prescription to buy Lexotanil online?
A. No prescription required to buy Lexotanil.

Q. What are the payment methods you accept for buying Lexotanil?
A. You can pay using Mastercard, Visa , American Express , Discover,MoneyPak,Western Union .

Q. Where do you ship Lexotanil to?
A. Currently We are shipping to Worldwide customers.

Q. Is it legal to buy Lexotanil online?
A. Yes. We do not know a case, that purchase Lexotanil for personal use had any problems.The FDA allows consumers to import drugs into the United States under certain circumstances and subject to the discretion of FDA officials or customs agents. A consumer with a health condition can import up to 90days supply of medicines intended for personal use.

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